The entrepreneur, who co-owns the clothing line with footballer hubby Siphiwe Tshabalala, has signed a deal with Jet. The line and a doll range are now available in stores.

“When we launched this, a lot of people didn’t understand why we would do this of all things and my husband/business partner and I just kept our eyes on our dream,” she said in an excited Instagram post on Monday.

“We are selling a message of hope and installing confidence and self-esteem in the African child. We want African children to know they too can be great, that they too can be seen as a symbol of beauty and success.”

SB Kids clothing was launched late last year and features a line for girls designed by Bokang, featuring images of “Princess Bokang” and a boys line designed by Tshabalala called “Super Shabba”.

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Along her short entrepreneurial journey, she says, one of the greatest lessons she’s learnt as a businesswoman is to stay true to yourself and your vision and be persistent.

“If there’s anything that I’ve learnt, it’s that when you are authentic and true to yourself and your cause, your purpose and destiny, the right people will see you for who you are in the perfect time and your dream will come true,” she says.

“It wasn’t easy getting here, but it was worth every tear, blood and sweat… Don’t give up, regardless of how many doors you will have slammed at your face, regardless of how many people reject your idea or dream, regardless of how many times they tell you it’s not good enough, it won’t work or it won’t sell. I say that’s when you should hold on to that dream even tighter.”