The Nugent Commission of Inquiry on Wednesday was left confused after the South African Revenue Services (Sars) head of IT failed to give coherent answers to questions about the institution’s crumbling infrastructure.

These are five quotes from Makhekhe-Mokhuane’s testimony on Wednesday:

During questioning by Vuyo Kahla about what Sars was doing to maintain and upgrade ageing infrastructure, Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane gave a vague answer.

“Currently we are building, we have not build capability to build new solutions, so we are maintaining what we have,” Makhekhe-Mokhuane said.

When asked what she meant in her submission when she referred to the long tenure of Sars employees, Makhekhe-Mokhuane spoke about the Drakensberg Boy’s Choir and when it was formed. Her below response was met with puzzled expressions, and she then abandoned the analogy.

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“Drakensberg Boys Choir was established in 1867 and in 2018 girls are still not allowed to sing.”

The commission also heard that during her time at Sars, she had attended only four of 14 meetings. She refuted the claims as:

“Classified rubbish.”

Head of the commission, retired judge Robert Nugent, said she could inspect the records provided to the commission. Makhekhe-Mokhuane responded:

“I have a very rare eye disease, but let’s try.”

She raised issues about her signature not being on the minutes.

Nugent said the issue was not whether they have her signature, but whether they were accurate. Makhekhe-Mokhuane lashed out at Nugent and said she did not report to him.

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“I report to the commissioner as I put it on record, I’m not going to sit here and discuss whether I attended meetings because as and when I get assignments, I get them from the commissioner. In my understanding of your terms of reference, IT is to look at the governance, but not what I do as a chief officer, including when I go to the bathroom. With due respect, sir, please protect me.”

– African News Agency