Tim Omotoso’s rape and trafficking trial in the Port Elizabeth High Court has yielded a few faces that people can now readily identify – the main accused Omotoso, his defence lawyer Peter Dauberman and state witness Cheryl Zondi.

Omotoso and his two co-accused face over 60 charges relating to the kidnapping, rape and trafficking of 30 girls who were congregants at the 58-year-old televangelist’s churches. Zondi’s powerful testimony won over the nation and as the trial continues, it is likely that other harrowing details of the alleged kidnappings, rapes and trafficking will be exposed.

One man whose face is now becoming more recognisable to the South African public is Makaula.

Judge Mandela Makaula. Credit: www.judgesmatter.co.za

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Here are three things you didn’t know about the judge.

  1. According to judgesmatter.co.za, Makaula’s legal career began in the mid-80s, when he was a clerk and court interpreter. He worked his way up to becoming a prosecutor and also practised at Makaula Zilwa & Co before being appointed as a magistrate in the Eastern Cape division of the High Court in 2010.
  2. He holds a NJuris and LLB from the University of Transkei and an LLM from Georgetown University in the USA.
  3. Among his previous cases was the murder of 12-year-old Angel Tee, who was shot in the head by people dressed as policemen. They had been looking to execute her parents when they found her hiding in the bathroom. After begging them not to kill her, she was shot in the head.