Chemical peels

When it comes to facial treatments, trends are definitely moving towards enhancing and anti-ageing treatments. My advice to them is generally to start their regimen with a skin peel and then continue this programme at home with scientifically formulated products. I’m a big fan of the Obaji Clenziderm range, a three-step acne treatment that’s had amazing results. It’s especially good if you don’t want to go the route of Roaccutane and antibiotics.

A fat-disolving machine

Slimming treatments have come of age with BTL Vanquish Me, a fat-dissolving radio frequency machine. It basically uses radio frequency to break up fat cells, which, once broken, are essentially dead and gone.

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My patients see a reduction in centimetres and also tightening of the skin to a certain degree. It’s great for body contouring, although for overweight patients, I recommend that they try to lose the bulk of the weight before doing the treatment. It’s best for people with a moderate number of centimetres to lose, such as bulges, love handles or bra rolls. It’s not cheap – about R3 000 per session – but the results are visible almost immediately. It gives gym bodies hyper-definition and works to counter cellulite. as well as post-pregnancy fat. However, you do need to maintain a good diet and a gym regimen to keep the weight off. It’s no quick-fix.

Intravenous therapy 

Intravenous therapy is also trending, from vitamin C drips for acne-sufferers to glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant. You walk out feeling better instantly – which can only be a good thing!