What gave you the idea of starting Findy Corporate Image?
After losing my job and the liquidations of two companies I’d worked for in the clothing and textile industry, being sent home with nothing but a final salary, I decided to start my own business. I approached the idea with much trepidation, but tried it nonetheless. After a few setbacks, I managed to acquire a contract with one of the big corporate clothing manufacturing companies in SA.

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Given that you didn’t have a lot of start-up capital, how did you boot-strap the venture?
We’re a corporate image and uniform-fitting consultancy. We go out to clients with a fitting range, fit the staff and then send the physical orders to a manufacturing company to which we’re sub-contracted. But this is the first phase of my business. The next step will be owning my own manufacturing company.

What are you proud of having achieved as a start-up?
Thus far, I’ve created job opportunities by contracting eight fitting consultants. I intend to offer young entrepreneurs the opportunity to work for themselves and join my business on a consultancy basis. That way, they can decide when and for how long they’ll work there, while having the flexibility to focus on other things, such as studies.