Customer-centrism can reap happy relationships with clients. We caught up with sought-after makeup expert Mmasabudi Kwanaite, who shared some jewels of wisdom with us.
From questioning whether talent is all one needs, to dispelling misconceptions about pursuing a fulfilling career in beauty, here’s what Kwanaite said:
1. Talent isn’t enough

You also need to interact with clients professionally and have basic interpersonal and business skills. That includes responding to enquiries timeously, honouring all appointments, always being punctual and, above all, knowing and respecting what clients want. All of this helps you keep existing clients and attract new ones.

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2. Technology has changed the beauty industry

It’s made things a lot easier. Social media allows people to find out about make-up trends and exchange opinions. It’s also easier to advertise your services to a wide-ranging audience because the Internet is a very powerful marketing tool, if used correctly.

3. This is a viable career path

There’s a misperception that you can’t make a career out of makeup. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing industries globally. We’re seeing people like Kylie Jenner generating estimated turnovers of around $99 million through makeup. Locally, there are more and more young people interested in pursuing this as a career.