From shininess to clogged pores, those who have oily skin may well be familiar with the problems that come with it. Like any other skin type, however, there are also pros. Caused by excess sebum production, oily skin can be a powerful arsenal against a range of skin concerns.

Here are five advantages of having oily skin:

Delays signs of ageing

As your skin stays moisturised from the excess sebum – which is rich in vitamin E – it acts as a protective layer that helps retain moisture, meaning the signs that come with ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles take longer to appear.

Acts as a barrier against the elements

From toxins and free radicals in the air to harsh environmental conditions, oily skin helps act as shield and barrier from an array of harmful elements.

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Keeps skin moisturised 

Thanks to the oils in the skin, skin stays moisturised, supple and soft.

Provides some resistance against sunrays

While sunscreen is important for all skin types – including the oily kind – oily skin is said to provide some defence against UV rays. Once again, the additional oil produced by one’s glands act as a barrier against the sun’s harmful rays.

Natural glow

When not overly oily and shiny, oily skin can provide a naturally dewy and glowing look people with other skin types have to attain through the use of products and makeup.