Summer is synonymous with enjoying the outdoors and social events filling up your calendar. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want to look your best. Enter the glowing, dewy face to elevate any look.

Here’s how to achieve a naturally glowing face:

Invest in a serum with anti-oxidants

A little goes a long way when it comes to serums, as they’re concentrated formulae packed with essential ingredients for healthy skin. Find one that’s packed with anti-oxidants to help your skin fight stress and free radicals. Serums with pentapeptides also boost your skin’s collagen production, leaving it looking plump, youthful and radiant.

Don’t skip exfoliation day

Exfoliating has a number of benefits that culminate in glowing skin, from removing dirt trapped deep in your skin, to reducing the size and appearance of large pores. Skipping your exfoliation routine can contribute to breakouts and blemishes – all enemies of glowing skin. Keep the frequency to once a week if you have sensitive skin – over-exfoliating can lead to irritated skin.

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Glow from the inside out

As you know, what you eat can have an impact on your overall health, including that of your skin. Enjoy your favourite summer salad with lycopene-rich fruits such as mangos, watermelon and papayas, which pack powerful anti-oxidants.

Wipe down your phone

It’s a no-brainer that your mobile device collects a lot of bacteria as it touches every surface and comes into contact with hands. Gently wipe it down with a microfibre cloth, which is great for removing dust and oil from your screen without damaging it.

Drink your water

Keep hydrated and flush out toxins, while also helping keeping your skin cells – which are made of protein, lipids, minerals and water – healthy. Add slices of cucumber for that added nutritional boost and flavour.