After selling out in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Russia, Kehoe is bringing his quantum theories to Johannesburg as part of his final world tour. It occurs 30 years after the release of his transformative book, Mind Power. His two-day Mind Power | Quantum Leap Live seminar takes place on 10 and 11 November at The Hilton in Sandton, and features his protégé Robin Banks.

The premise of Kehoe’s book is based on the sub-atomic or quantum philosophy that everything – including our thoughts – vibrate energy. This seminar will also include some groundbreaking new research not previously released. “The idea is that we can use our thoughts to interact with the energy web of all reality,” Kehoe has previously explained.

“When you do this, you are consciously attracting to yourself the people, circumstances and events – the synchronicity – that matches the images you have within. With repetition, any thought or image that is repeated over and over again is taken as an imprint on the subconscious. And that’s where it gets really exciting as the subconscious begins working for you,” he says.

Life, he adds, doesn’t happen randomly. “We think … that some people get the opportunities and some people don’t but that’s not the way it works. The universe is always responding to you according to your energy and vibration. Your thoughts and beliefs are creating your energy and vibration and everything is communicating with everything else,” Kehoe adds.

Kehoe has recently turned his hand to music and is expected to perform some rap songs at his seminar. He plans to release a series of singles, which he describes as experimental, before releasing his first album in 2019, in collaboration with a group of world musicians. “Music is a powerful way to create the spark that will change people’s lives, because you reach the subconscious with repetition, which is part of my teaching. If you enjoy listening to a song and if it has a powerful message, it will enter your subconscious. Music is a perfect fit for me at this point in my career and I’m excited to begin this new adventure.”

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