Dreadlocks, like any type of hair, need proper care in order to see best results.


  • It is important to keep both you hair and scalp clean. Finding the right shampoo, which does not dry out your scalp, is a good start, as this will also help you avoid the excessive use of oils to moisturise.
  • Speaking of oils, keep your dreadlocks lubricated is important because you don’t want them to get dried out and start ripping. Find a dreadlock hairfood or oils that work best for your hair. Using a spray bottle to spray water on your scalp once in a while can also help you keep your scalp moisturised and allow your scalp to release its own natural oils.
  • Find a professional salon or hairdresser who specialises in dreadlocks to help you along your dreadlock journey. This can help you avoid using the incorrect products, interlocking your dreadlocks the wrong way and hair loss.
  • Make sure your dreadlocks dry properly, so you can avoid the formation of fungi on your scalp and that horrible damp smell.
  • Separate your dreadlocks as often as possible, especially when you start seeing growth. Both you and your hairdresser will be happy. This will help keep your dreadlocks from “getting married”.
  • HAVE PATIENCE! Dreadlocks take time to grow, so don’t rush they journey.

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  • AVOID pulling your dreadlocks too tight. Dreads need freedom at the root of the scalp, to actually grow and dread and lock a little faster. So when you’re going to get your touch-ups and your tightenings, just be careful not to get your roots tightened too tight  the point where they are pulling too much on your scalp.
  • Don’t over-use wax. Wax builds up on the dread and it becomes harder and harder to clean away the residue. Wax them every so often, not every other day.
  • Don’t neglect your ‘locs. That is, unless you are looking for the free-form dreadlocks look. Obviously, dreads don’t require as much attention daily as your natural hair, however as previously stated, daily separating is important.
  • Avoid wearing the same style for too long. If your dreads are tied up, in the same way, everyday, over a long period this, you cause tension and stress to both the roots and scalp. Long term, this may lead to discomfort and in severe cases, a receding hairline.
  • Don’t use homemade DIY mixes such as egg, avocado, honey etc; although natural, you never know how well these “remedies” will wash out of your dreads. Unlike natural hair, where your hair is “free”, product gets trapped in dreadlocks. The last thing you want is food stuck in your ‘locs.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, avoid committing to dreadlocks without giving it some proper thought and research. Dreads are a serious commitment, and may not look the way you want. Dreadlocks are definitely not a “quick-fix” hairstyle.

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