Anderson, who stars in and executive produces Black-ish, was inspired to return to his former university to finish a degree he was forced to drop out of in his final year.

The actor studied at Howard University, a historically black university in Washington DC, and had to leave due to finance issues.

“I was paying for college myself and I ran out of money after my junior year [third year],” he told late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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“I’ve been speaking with the university and Dr Frederick, who’s the president of the university, about creating a curriculum that I can take online and at home, and do some practical classes on campus, so I can walk (graduate) with my son in 2022.”

His son, Nathan Anderson, is starting his first year at the university and in order to see this dream of father and son walking across the graduation stage together, Anthony will have to complete his final year over four years.