In a wide-ranging interview with eNCA, Gigaba remained resolute that he wouldn’t be stepping down anytime soon, despite a week from hell in which a sex video was leaked and he was found to be a liar by three courts.

Even embattled Public Protector Busiswe Mkhwebane‎ is calling for his head after she found that he had lied under oath and violated the Constitution.

“I’m not going to resign,” Gibaba said during the interview, adding that he would be “guided” by the ANC and, ultimately, President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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“The ANC doesn’t act arbitrarily in relation to its cadres. It first listens to us because we also have our side of the story to state,” he said.

But what most viewers were really interested in was Gigaba’s response to the deeply embarrassing solo sex video that was leaked on social media and WhatsApp groups last Sunday.

He revealed that his phone “is a subject of hackings almost on a daily basis” and that he regularly has to change the passwords on his phone and email inboxes to maintain his privacy and security.

When asked to respond as to whether he was failing to manage his personal lifestyle, Gigaba responded: “When I communicate with my wife I have a right to be as romantic as I want with my wife. I paid lobola, I married her in broad daylight, I have a right to be as romantic as I want.”

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“When I travel with her, you complain. When I’m being romantic, you hack my phone, you try to humiliate us and you still complain. What do you want us to do, stop being husband and wife? We’re not going to do that.”

In an interview with the SABC, Gigaba said the leaking of the video was politically motivated and intended to humiliate him and his wife Norma.

“It was intended to embarrass me, to decapacitate me politically, to humiliate me and my family publicly, to embarrass the African National Congress,” he said.