When my editor told me she was thinking of getting me to write a diary about a 7-day vegan journey, I thought “this should be interesting”.

I was immediately keen to take up the challenge because hey, I have nothing to lose (except maybe some weight, hopefully) and it’s only for one week. That can’t be too bad.

My last weekend before embarking on this vegan journey was spent back home in Nelspruit with my mom and sister, and boy did we indulge! Chicken wings, pap, creamed spinach, prawns, ice cream, sweets, popcorn… you name it, we probably shoved it down our throats during the “bonding with mommy” weekend. I mean, how else does one bond with their mother than with food and shopping?

In the back of my mind I was conscious of the fact that this would be the last time for a while that I could have ice-cream, cheese, prawns, etc, so I may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

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Granted, I don’t eat those things on a regular basis, but you tend to miss something more when you know you will be going a while without them. A month can, and often does go by, without me eating ice cream, but meat? Meat is another story.

I never go a day without eating meat. If, for whatever reason, a day goes by without indulging, best believe that this situation will be rectified the next! I am a firm believer that meat maketh a meal. I don’t like eating meals that don’t have some meat – with chicken and bacon my drugs of choice.

So yes, this vegan journey is expected to be difficult, but it will be for just seven days and well, what’s life without challenges, right?

Stay tuned for my daily diary…