Penguin Films is an international award-winning film company that’s done productions such as Madam and Eve, Going Up, and most recently Ring of Lies and Saint and Sinners.

Penguin Films is a company that does amazing work and it’s my objective, coming in as a partner, to grow the company internationally by any means necessary. That was the conversation I had with my father, and as the company grows so too does his legacy,” Juju said of his appointment.

He will be taking over his father’s shareholding in the company. Mafela senior was killed tragically in a car accident in March 2017.

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Filmmaker, creative producer and founder of Penguin Films Roberta Durrant welcomed the new addition to her company.

“It was always Joe Mafela’s wish that his son would one day follow in his footsteps and we are proud to announce that Juju Mafela is now a 30% shareholder in our company. I am delighted to have the succession. I have seen Juju develop over the years. He has worked with us in production many times and now we look forward to his input as creative producer,” Durrant said.

Joe Mafela crossed paths with Durrant while the film company was producing Sgudi ‘Snaysi. Due to the popularity of Sgudi ‘Snaysi, Mafela and Penguin Films went on to produce Going Up and the voter education series, Khululeka.