Day two was slightly better than the day before as I was a lot more mentally prepared for it.

After people found out about my vegan journey, I was sent various emails offering assistance. How sweet hey?

And while the help is greatly appreciated I found little time to try the recipes suggested, and to be honest, the thought of buying more things just to make these meals wasn’t appealing.

My 7-Day Vegan Journey: Day One

Breakfast: I had two cobs of sweetcorn that I’d prepared the evening before and while it looked filling, it wasn’t. I couldn’t even add butter to them because the butter I have is not vegan-friendly and I wasn’t going to go out to buy it either. I settled on sprinkling salt on it and chowing away. I was still very hungry afterwards. So hungry, in fact, that I ate my lunch earlier than I should have.

Lunch: I’d prepared a veggie burger, my current favourite. I added lettuce and cucumber with a vegan tomato sauce. Well, I looked at the ingredients and decided for myself that it was vegan-friendly but I can’t be sure. My boss says ideally I should be making my own tomato sauce because All Gold tomato sauce isn’t additive- or preservative-free. Sigh.

So I ate half the burger soon after breakfast and the other half a little later in the afternoon, but yeah, just consider this day starvation station. I was in a perpetual state of hunger. I need to increase my portions, I think, or eat smaller meals more frequently during the day. My boss thinks I’m not getting enough protein. I grew up understanding protein to be meat and eggs. I can’t have any of that so I have to dig a bit deeper to look for protein that I like. Someone suggested tofu, lentils and beans. Yeah…

Dinner: Again I went to the shops to buy a few items I think I’m going to need to sustain myself during this journey. I swiped without looking and decided I’ll check the sms later. Supper was another veggie patty (don’t judge me). This time it was paired with roasted vegetables and baby potatoes. Not too bad, I enjoyed that. The patty actually tastes like meat, so life is good.

The best news of the day came from a vegan 101 email a colleague sent from Conscious 108 – a vegan restaurant. I found out that Oreos are vegan-friendly. God really loves me, seriously. I can eat Oreos!

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