5 bags with wood and bamboo details that we absolutely love

These handcrafted pieces are special for their sense of personalisation and use of sculptural bamboo and wood details, making for an understated yet bold statement accessory this summer.


The Cora Craft Natural

The Cora Craft Natural bag uses multi-sized bamboo beads, shaped to create a basket-esque form that is light enough to be carried on a wrist like a bracelet. Lined with canvas, this bag has enough space to hold essentials like your cellphone, bronzer and hand sanitiser.


Cult Gaia

The Leather Bucket Bag

Renewed by a contemporary choice of material – leather, this bucket bag has a city-ready look and flexible feel, making it ideal for active individuals who don’t like carrying much.

Building Block

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The Gaia’s Ark 

Made solely from bamboo, the Gaia’s Ark bag owes its name to its shape, and is an updated version of the see-through-bag trend, which see the contents of the bag forming part of its appeal.

Cult Gaia

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Bamboo Handle Rattan Bag

The Bamboo Handle Rattan bag is fitting for a day out in high summer as it’s lightweight and durable, lined with cotton and sports a gold turn lock closure.


The Petra Mini

The minimalistic Petra mini tote features bamboo and wicker handles and a dual colour, giving it an understated yet elegant finish, comfortable enough for a spin at the Sunday market.

Carolina Santo Domingo