While, according to the Reader’s Digest, tea tree oil offers amazing benefits such as fighting foot odours, eliminating toe fungi and soothing sores, you may not know that it can also make your skin glow with health.

In the beauty world, tea tree oil is fast becoming a staple in many people’s daily beauty routines because it’s highly effective at combatting a number of skin problems.

  • Dry skin

The Body Shop, which has an excellent range of tea tree products including the oil, describes it as one of the most useful skincare ingredients.

“Renowned for its powerful, purifying, antibacterial properties, our natural, organic tea tree essential oil has even more benefits than you think,” the company’s website states.

Tea tree oil is great for targeted treatment of blemishes and keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day – particularly if used as a toner.

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  • Blemishes

This oil got the ultimate endorsement by Kim Kardashian’s make-up artists, Mario Dedivanovic. He told eonline.com that he keeps bottles of tea tree oil all over his house and even in all his travel bags. “It helps me with blemishes,” he explained.

  • Acne

Healthline.com says that due to its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil calms redness, swelling and inflammation – and can help prevent acne scars. The site suggests diluting three drops of tea tree oil into 59ml of witch hazel. “Use it as a toner throughout the day. You can use a face wash, moisturiser, and spot treatment containing tea tree oil as well.”