There’s plenty of reasons you should know Lynn Forbes, over and above the fact that she’s rapper AKA’s mother and “Glamager” to granddaughter Kairo. She’s summited Africa’s highest peak, is a brand partner, lifestyle influencer and, as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, is an inspirational speaker passionate about breaking down the stigma that surrounds it.

Forbes’ latest conquest, however, is rooted in another of her great attributes – effortless style. In an Instagram post, the brand ambassador announced her collaboration with luxury genuine-leather handbag brand, Mintaka. The result is a limited-edition collection of handbags, known as the Lynn Forbes Inspire Courage Collection.

“The “LYNN FORES INSPIRE COURAGE by MINTAKA COLLECTION is an Inspirational Collaboration with @mintakahandbags,” she wrote. “I would like to thank @stonecultureza for bringing the Lynn Forbes and Mintaka brands together for this amazing collaboration which I believe will inspire courage in every woman who will find a friend in the LYNN handbag, the GLAMMY clutch or the JOY purse,” her Insta post read.

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The collection includes purses, clutches and handbags in rose gold, silver and gold metallic leather in the R930-R2 990 price range. According to the Mintaka website, the range was co-designed by Forbes and has her logo embossed on it.

“I hope that when you carry your collection piece you will feel beautiful and glamorous and when you see my name embossed on the inside flap of your bag, you will be reminded to be courageous, to not allow your past to define you and that you will embrace life – courageously sharing your own story to inspire someone else and make an impact on the lives of others,” she says.

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Forbes went on to share her appreciation for the “unwavering support and encouragement” she’s received after sharing her story of childhood sexual abuse, saying: “You have helped me become stronger and more resilient every day, every step of the way. Thank you.”

Here’s a look at some of the pieces from Forbes’ collection:

Header image source: Mintaka