Mobile wallets and cashless payments are nothing new to the African market, but recently launched entertainment app Mogli.Mobi has taken these concepts to a whole new level. Mogli.Mobi, launched earlier this month, is the country’s first fully integrated mobile wallet solution for the entertainment, food and beverages, and nightlife industries.

So what can you do with Mogli.Mobi? As far as entertainment is concerned, consumers going to an event will not only be able to buy tickets on the platform, but they will also be able to purchase their food and beverages before the event. Suppliers, event promoters and vendors will also benefit from the app as they can operate a large part of their services on the app including ticket sales in real time and beverage sales management.

The app is a subsidiary brand of Memetics501, an African urban culture and lifestyle company owned by Mabombo. His background is in media, events, advertising and branding.

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Mabombo says he got the idea for Mogli.Mobi after becoming frustrated by the mobile and cashless POS systems normally used at events.

“This notion of buying tickets online and then having to stand in long queues at the event to pay by card or tap-and-go bands in order to enjoy a supposedly ‘cashless’ experience and then having to go back to long queues at the end of the event to get back money that that was left on the card, made no sense to me,” he says.

“So I investigated some solutions to this problem. Looking at mobile-first platforms like Uber and SweepSouth, which allow for consumers to engage and access solutions on demand, sparked the idea for”

Creating the app was not without challenges and Mabombo highlights two that were significant.

“I wasn’t going to bother to apply for funding because unfortunately at the time I didn’t have much confidence that it would yield any positive results. I just knew that if I was going to get this project off the ground I was going to have to fund it myself,” he says.

“Another obstacle I encountered in those early days was trying to pitch the concept and tell the story of Mogli.Mobi using PowerPoint without having anything tangible to take people through. This was where these two challenges collided.”

He realised that he needed to create a prototype of the app so that people could understand what he was talking about and “pay for the entire thing”.

“When looking at the costs involved with that, I found I had two options: either crowdfund or sell my flat. I decided to put my apartment on the market and, together with a digital agency, we started working on the Mogli.Mobi prototype in August 2017,” he says.

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Another great feature of the app is that it offers a loyalty programme that rewards users for making use of its features. Essentially, users will be able to earn points on all purchases, which they can later redeem for free event tickets and other purchases they would have otherwise made on the app.

“Until now, no mobile platform existed that connected brands directly to the consumers they wanted to target. Mogli is not just providing an integrated solution, but also democratising data for the benefit of all the custodians in the industry,” Mabombo says.

The Mogli.Mobi is truly revolutionary and just another example of the level of creativity and excellence SA’s entrepreneurs have to offer.

Have you tried the app? Let us know what your experience was like.

Header image by: Image by Neo Baepi