According to Brian Tracy, author of Earn What You’re Really Worth: Maximise your Income at Any Time in Any Market (Vanguard Press)while companies invariably look for a number of different skill sets and experience levels, dependent on the sector they are in, the one constant that remains is that your character will be assessed.

“Your character will have the greatest impact on whether you get the job you want,” Tracy says.

Regardless of the industry in which you work, these are the five non-negotiable character traits that companies are looking for in job applicants.

  • Time-management skills

Every industry has deadlines, whether short- or long-term, so time management is an important skill set to possess.

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If you think that working a 12-hour day and being the last person to leave the office is impressing the socks off your boss, you’re mistaken. What actually impresses your boss is your ability to use your time more smartly to get more done in less time.

“Everyone is on the clock, so this means an employee needs to value the time it takes to take on different projects and use that time effectively,” career coach Judge Graham said in a Business Insider report.

  • Integrity

Undoubtedly, the single most important character trait is integrity.

Honest people can be trusted and they tend to be more loyal.

  • Dependability

There’s nothing worse than an employee who over-promises and under-delivers. Behaving like this is your one-way ticket to problems at work and potentially disciplinary action.

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If you promise to deliver something on a certain date, make sure you hold up your end of the deal. Your word is your bond and once this trust has been broken, it’s difficult to regain.

  • Resilience

Demonstrating resilience is one of the best ways to sift the wheat from the chaff: those who go the distance and those who stumble at the first hurdle.

“Bosses are looking for employees who can stick to their goals through difficult challenges, bounce back when things go wrong and see projects through to success,” said Graham.

  • Focus

Amazon founder and the richest man in the world right now, Jeff Bezos, is a staunch advocate for the power of focus.

In fact, he attributes his great success to his “obsessive-compulsive focus” on his customers, instead of the competition.