From a young age, she was intrigued by the choices people make, the reason they often put others’ needs before their own and why they fixate on their weaknesses, rather than their strengths. Her passion resulted in a career as a specialist in personal mastery and leadership development.

“I love the fact that my work’s authentic to who I am and what I came to this earth to do. I wake up every day knowing that my job has deep resonance with my personality and soul. When you do work that resonates in this way, you’re a better performer and a better learner,” she says.

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Nyaradzo uses a combination of neuroscience, ontology, psychology and anthropology to create clarity and what she calls “deep ‘aha!’ moments” for her clients. She’s based in Harare, but serves an international clientele and often speaks at major events or trains people in leadership theory and practice. She also does team and one-on-one coaching, facilitates interventions and advises senior leaders and managers.

Nyaradzo lived outside Zimbabwe for 15 years and was heading up the Africa Initiative at Yale University, USA, when she decided to return home. “It required a great amount of courage to leave a comfortable set-up and opt for one that was less secure and definitely less familiar,” she says. However, she believed her work would have deeper meaning and impact if she practised in a space where the leadership theories to which she subscribed could be put to the test. “My work involves bringing clients out of their doubt into their authentic power. I help them reconnect to their strengths, their purpose and their greatest impact,” she says.

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Her clientele comprises mainly corporate leaders and their teams, but she also works with start-ups, NGOs, university executive programmes, university students and high school pupils. In addition, she’s trained people in programmes such as Obama Leaders, EVE Africa and the Africa CEO Forum – Women in Business Meeting, among others.

By Wendy Jasson da Costa