If you’ve ever had a bad week then walked into your favorite spa or called your manicurist to get your nails done, then you know that getting the perfect mani can work wonders towards perking up your mood.

But after having had your nails done numerous times, where do you go next? What colour combinations could you try? Would this work for the office? We give you our favorite SFW nail looks for work and play. Take these to your nail lady.

Champagne shower

If you love the look of clear nail polish, but want to try something different, then top off your classic manicure with champagne glitter in a crescent shape and still love the negative space created by the bottom of your own nails.

Image: @paintboxnails Instagram
Image: @paintboxnails

The nude almond

Once, twice, three times a lady. The almond shape is the quintessential sophisticated yet playful nail shape and can be tamed even more when painted in peach and pink tone nudes that best suit your skin tone.

Image: @nailsbymei Instagram

Mustard magic

Don’t be afraid to go bold! And few colours come bolder than yellow. Try a monotone mustard tone to keep your fingertips the main attraction through any season – you can thank us later.

Image: @nailsbymimi

Three stripes

Multi-coloured nails need not be loud and overstated to make a statement. Choose a combination of three neutral tones that complement each other and have your manicurist create fun, yet understated, nails that you can wear with ease.

Image: @stephstonenails Instagram

Pill box nails 

Reminiscent of the multitude of pastel colored tablet once can find in a pill box, this trend is great for the woman looking to try multiple tones at once. Go for two primary colours in pastel tones and separate these with three nude colours to keep the look conservative and feminine.

Image: @vaniagoy Instagram

Reverse moons

Love yourself some red bottoms? Then get yourself a set of cherry-topped nude nails to match. Not only is this look cosmopolitan and chic, the reverse moon appearance of the red  polish is the epitome of modern too.

Image: @paintboxnails


Geometric lines have never looked as sassy as when paired with a soft pink manicure to give your hands a little something more interesting to look at.

Image: @tenfold_jhb Instagram