What Men Want is the funny gender-swapped remake of What Women Want (2000), which featured a cool Mel Gibson (before his fall from grace) and his newfound ability to hear women’s thoughts.

This remake features ever-amazing Empire queen Taraji P Henson as Ali Davis, a workaholic sports agent who’s struggling to be promoted to partner – a rather toxic, boy’s club sports management company. Henson does a great job showing off her comedic chops, which, combined with her vivaciousness and attitude, means she shines!

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Ali, who was raised by her single father, Skip (Richard Roundtree), is no stranger to fighting for what she wants. But when she embarrassingly gets passed over for partner and is then infuriatingly told to “stay in her lane” by her sexist boss, the gloves are off. Despite everything she’s got going on, she makes time to hook up with the very sexy, single dad  Will (Aldis Hodge) and the liaison morphs into a relationship. Their first hook-up is hilarious – you’ll be cheering /cringing as Ali gets hers!

But it’s only after a somewhat raucous bachelorette party with her besties, which includes a reading from a psychic called Sister, marvellously depicted by Erykah Badu (watch out for her out-takes at the end), and a head-bumping incident at the club, she develops the ability to hear men’s thoughts.

Initially freaked out by her newfound powers – after all, there’s only so much of “Michael Keaton was the best Batman”, “Where are my keys? and “I always wanted to be with a black woman” that a woman can take at one time.

She then decides to use her talents to stick it to her male co-workers by declaring her intent to land their much-wanted prospective new client, Jamal Barry (Shane Paul McGhie), the prospective top pick in the NBA. Jamal’s dad (Tracy Morgan) gives new meaning to the term “helicopter parenting”. By no means the sharpest pencil in the box, he’s so over-protective and focused on getting rich that he even changes his name to Joe Dolla. But his earnestness and outrageous comments work brilliantly with his killer comedic timing.

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There are also great appearances from Kellan Lutz and Pete Davidson, who shine in their smaller roles.

Ironically, though, this movie is not about what men want – as they’re probably going to tell you whether you want to know or not – but rather, it’s about how a woman needs to learn how to understand her own feelings, thoughts and wants.

Note: This movie is R rated due to language, sex and some drug-related content.

Check out the trailer below.