Thanks to your crushing workload or the kids, a passionate night with your man is the last thing on your mind. Maybe one of you just hasn’t been in the mood – dry spells are a natural part of  most relationships, and even the most committed, crazy-about-each-other couples can hit a dry spell.

But if your lack of intimacy has been dragging on for too long or you’re just tired of the same old moves, here are some tips that are certain to shake things up and ensure a fun, satisfying time for all.

Firstly, as long as both parties are willing, the sky’s the limit. Sex is fun and there’s no reason you can’t turn your bedroom (or any room in your home) into your own little pleasure palace.

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Try something new: This can be as minor as a change of location – a desk, armchair, up against the wall or in front of a mirror are all great options. Or something out of your comfort zone like watching porn together (just make sure it’s something you can both enjoy) or something bigger like the secret sex fantasy you’ve been dreaming of. Or bring some fun into your routine by bring sex toys into play. There are many options and figuring out just what you like will definitely bring you closer together. Just open up a little and communicate exactly how you’re feeling and what you’d like to try.

Keep your clothes on: This might sound counter-productive, but remember when you so were hot for your partner that you couldn’t even take off all your clothes.? Try to recapture that sense of urgency by removing only key pieces of clothing. Instead of taking off their pants, unzip the fly and push your underwear to one side. There’s just something about that “I need you know…” urgency that’s so hot!

No hands allowed! This could be fun… introduce a “no hands” policy to your next sessions. You and your partner aren’t allowed to touch each other with your hands but rather explore using just your lips, skin and breath.

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Tasty, tasty: You can literally be good enough to eat! Bring out the melted chocolate, chocolate body paint, whipped cream, honey or anything you fancy really and place it on a few strategic spots. Your partner has the tasty task of finding your sweet spots, but with their eyes closed or blindfolded.

Unleash your alter ego: If you’re normally quite shy and reserved in bed, try taking charge. Be the dominant one – you could go even further and break out a mini-dominatrix act. Imagine ditching the flannel pyjamas and greeting your partner in black lace and riding boots! Discovering new sides to the person you thought you knew can be exciting! If you’re having trouble with this, give your partner a heads up about something you’re going to try so they’re not totally surprised.