As women, we’ve all been there – wanting to change our hair temporarily for a big day, but without the exorbitant price tag. Wish no longer. Hair Me Out offers both a wig rental option and an opportunity to buy one.

Social media manager Delicia Kasenge (29) and market research analyst Zandile Baloyi (25) created the business in June 2018.

“We found that for magazine shoots and trendy events/shows, people would ask to hire our wigs for a night or two because it worked with a certain look they were going for,” they say. When they did further research, they found people had an interest in wigs for short-term periods.

“We then started buying different kinds of wigs that we thought consumers would like and from this, decided to formalise it as the business offering we now call Hair Me Out.”

Humble beginnings

Starting with self-funded modest capital base of R25 000, the duo now has 20 wigs, and counting.

They started the business because they saw a gap in the hair and beauty industry. “From the contacts and teachings, we managed to garner over the years, it was a matter of putting two and two together,” they said.

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“We strongly believe that this is a viable service offering and given the current landscape of the economy, this couldn’t have been a more opportune time to explore innovative service offerings that have the consumers’ pockets in mind.”

They believe they also offer an experience because they educate clients, offer advice about the dynamics of the hair industry and allow people to be who they want to be.

Their clients

So far, their clients include beauty and entertainment professionals who need wigs for shoots/show/music videos, students who explore different styles often but have limited budgets, working professionals who are conscious about their spending habits, and older women who “don’t believe in spending thousands of rands on hair but would like to be different on one or two occasions”.

They admit, however, that not everyone is open to the idea of renting wigs. “Some have been sceptical, while others saw this as a great opportunity to cater to people attending events/special occasions — such as weddings, graduations, photo and video shoots, A-class events — and only require the hair for the one day or event.”

How it works

In terms of sales, Hair Me Out works like other hairpiece businesses. The client places an order online, makes a full payment, and delivery is done in three to five working days.

Rentals, they say, work similarly to those at a costume store:
• A client sends a request to Hair Me Out or fills out a booking form, accessed from the link in their Instagram bio (@hairmeoutza)
• Hair Me Out issues a quote and an agreement form to the client
• Client agrees, makes payment, and returns the signed agreement form
• Hair Me Out delivers the wig and conducts inspection with the client.
• Upon return of the hair, the wig is full inspected by a Hair Me Out representative and the client
• If all is in order, the deposit is returned to the client

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“Hygiene is our number one priority and key performance indicator,” Kasenge and Baloyi add.

“When we deliver any piece to a client, a full inspection is done by both ourselves and the client to ensure that the hair is in good condition. We also provide each client with a wig sock and insist they put it on prior to wearing the wig — this is included in the rental fee.

“Upon return, we encourage clients not to wash or treat the hair, as we have hair gurus within industry who wash and treat the pieces to perfection. We treat and wash our wigs after every rental.”

So far, the only challenge they can identify is not having wigs for every client who approaches them, so they are working on duplicating styles and building their collection to represent a more diverse and dynamic range.

In five years, the pair hope to have a physical space so clients can actually come in and try on different wigs.

Words of wisdom

Baloyi and Kasenge say that no matter how outrageous a business idea may seem, it should be interrogated.

“You have nothing to lose – the economy needs more entrepreneurs; more people taking risks to advance our country and grow investor interests.”

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