Long braids are on trend and turning heads. Take your plait game to the next level by getting your stylist to create a laddered braid using different coloured twine. This is an ideal style for outdoor festivals in warm weather.

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Wearing long braids, however, can place strain on your own hair, due to manipulation. Care for it and boost its resilience by apply a deep-protein treatment and leaving it on for 20-30 minutes the night before you have your braids done.

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Take a trip down memory lane with this Janet Jackson-inspired Poetic Justice style. A headscarf is the perfect accessory (and tool) for creating it. Tie your box braids up using the scarf and finish by tying the ends together near the side or back of your head, leaving one end untucked and tucking in the other for a laid-back, bohemian effect.

When tying headscarves to your braids, the choice of material matters. While silk is breathable and best to use at night, cotton is ideal for daytime styling, ensuring that the material won’t slip and the styling’s hassle-free. Avoid applying oils directly to your hair when using headscarves to prevent absorption. Instead, care for your locks and scalp by spritzing them with a nourishing hairspray to control dandruff and give your hair a lustrous shine.

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Buns are a classically elegant style – and there’s no better way to add a regal touch than by incorporating braids. Add braided extensions to your bun, as well as to the front and sides of your head for extra impact.

Maintaining the combination of your natural or relaxed hair and braided extensions is made easier with styling products specifically for your hair type. Keep your natural/relaxed hair flawless and sleek by applying a small amount of medium-hold gel to it and brushing down any flyaways. Spray the braided portion of your style with a UV spray for moisture, shine and protection against sun damage.

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