Jo’burg rated among best cities to do business for female African entrepreneurs

When it comes to attracting women entrepreneurs, Jo’burg rates as one of the top cities, according to the Women Entrepreneurs Cities index. The only other African city to be listed in the top 50 is Nairobi, Kenya. Ranked 36th, Jozi’s made significant progress in ensuring that female entrepreneurs receive the necessary support to grow their businesses.

The research, which was conducted by Dell Technologies, looked at factors such as access to capital, technology, legislation, talent, culture and markets, and how these impact female-owned businesses. The research also found that 78% of students at Johannesburg universities are female and one-third of company boards in Johannesburg have women representatives on them. –Source: IT News Africa

How Dell is connecting women in technology and business

Dell is connecting female business leaders across the globe through its Women’s Entrepreneur network. The network not only helps women connect with other business leaders, but is also a platform to access capital, knowledge and technology. Female entrepreneurs can join the Women’s Entrepreneur network via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Visit:

New legislation will affect businesses

President Cyril Ramaphosa has recently signed a number of laws which will have a significant impact on businesses in SA. In August, he signed the controversial National Credit Amendment Bill into law.

Also known as the “Debt Relief Bill”, this piece of legislation has been seen as a victory for over-indebted consumers, as it

will curb reckless lending by creditors such as banks and retail stores. However, it will also have repercussions for consumers, since it will drive up the cost of loans for low income-earners.

“It’s disappointing that after our petition, the President made no attempt to interact with the industry and understand our concerns,” Cas Coovadia, MD of the Banking Association of SA, was quoted as saying.

Another law signed recently was the Competition Amendment Bill, which will have an impact on how big businesses conduct their operations. The new law seeks to reinforce fair business conduct by prohibiting dominant firms in designated sectors of the economy from imposing unfair prices or trading terms on SMMEs, black-owned and previously disadvantaged businesses, which might impede their effective participation in the market. – Source: Business Tech