Dead end job?

When, in your current job, you’ve done all you can and each workday is the same, it’s time to seek out a new challenge and take action

How celebs cope with chronic illnesses

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness does not mean it's the end. We take a look a look at celebrities who have lived gratifying lives after the dreaded diagnosis.

Dip back into the dating pool

After a break-up, the thought of dating anyone else is enough to make your stomach turn. But when you’re ready to dip back into the dating pool, here’s how

How to develop networking savvy

You’re stuck at yet another business event with no-one to talk to and no chance of a quick escape. Instead of retreating behind the nearest plant, start networking! We show you how

Business trip tips

So you’re going on another business trip… but don’t let bad past experiences jade you. Work travel can be a career and personal growth booster. Here’s how…

Let your career go up in smoke!

Did you know that your “smoker status” could be influencing your career progress. Shared smoke breaks have a definite impact on good employee relations and could possibly lead to a better chance of furthering your workplace ambitions. So, are non-smokers missing out on future success? 

Respect in the workplace? earn it!

Like it or not, people often make surface judgements. In the workplace, this can be particularly damaging. Physical setbacks like youth or weight problems can limit career progress, but by developing confidence, you can earn respect in the workplace. We show you how

Beyonce Song

Beyoncé Knowles inspired the world to do good deeds on World Humanitarian Day with her song I Was Here

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