In this, the second DESTINY Wealth Report, we’ve again embarked on a mission to uncover the richest women in South Africa. While last year we restricted ourselves to “new money”, this year we’ve widened our search to include “old money” too. This sees businesswoman Wendy Appelbaum, daughter of Liberty Life founder Donald Gordon, streak to the top of the list with R2,8 billion. Irene Charnley – and her R1,5 billion net asset value – continues to lead the onslaught of entrepreneurs who’ve made their fortune since 1994. While Charnley still insists she’s no billionaire, the painstaking research undertaken by veteran journalist Deon Basson indicates

Good Schools

We hear a lot of rumblings about the s t a te of education in South Africa – for example, how the national matric pass rate for 2007 was a lowly 65,2% – 1,4% below that of 2006. How we desperately need to push maths and science at school level. How good teachers are hard to come by, and even harder to retain. And how violence is a new and disturbing trend in our country’s schools.

SA film Material moves UK audiences to...

Test screenings of SA film Material, about a young Muslim man's dream to make it big on the Johannesburg comedy circuit, has captivated viewers in the UK.

Summer Beauty

Look for sheer, light-reflective textures in make-up to add a luminous glow to your skin. Switch your regular foundation for a tinted moisturiser and use a little concealer wherever you need extra coverage. Alternatively, mix your own tinted moisturiser by combining your regular foundation with high-factor sun protection.

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