Diabetes and obesity

We uncover the link between diabetes and obesity and investigate treatment options.


Women are highly influential motoring consumers who have the financial muscle to choose their own cars – and also possess the power to steer the men in their lives towards their personal choices! And manufacturers are intensely aware of where the power lies, even though they’re still struggling to effectively address this.


The greatest financial crisis in a decade” – that’s how the world’s billing the current global economic calamity. Given the severity of the 1929 Wall Street crash and the ensuing Great Depression, those are pretty big shoes to fill.


A friend once claimed that the best part of her wedding was the end. She loved every minute of the day, but was hugely relieved when the stress and planning were all over and she could slowly start getting her finances back on a healthy track.


Speaking from Kenya, where she’s currently situated, Dlamini reaffirmed that – based on her experience and the research carried out for her report, entitled The Gender Dividend: Enhancing the Economic Empowerment of Women by Recognising the Role Men Play in the Entrepreneurial Success of Women – the challenges being faced by South African women entrepreneurs are similar to those encountered by women around the globe.

Five ways to living your best life

You've overcome an illness - now it's time to really live.

Adjust your attitude

If you expect the worst, it usually happens. It's time to adjust your attitude and become more optimistic about life

Power of 40

Compiling a list of bright young things under 40 is a unique endeavour that’s been attempted before by illustrious publications like The New Yorker and respected business publication Crains.

Summer Style

When it comes to black and white, never say die! All the rules can be broken with this classic, superchic combo, so wear it boldly and push your femininity to the max

Power List

A Vietnamese monk called Thich Nhat Hanh penned a book a few years back called The Art of Power. An odd topic for a Zen monk, you might think; not very Buddhist or even spiritual, for that matter. But that’s just the point: the notion of “power” has long been corrupted and its meaning constricted by the historically defined view that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Art & Culture

There are two broad views doing the rounds when it comes to the impact of the current economic turmoil on the art world. The one claims the art market is relatively resilient to financial gloom – at least for the upper end, which might just as a result be more selective in its acquisitions. The other holds that art acquisitions, perceived as luxury goods, are near the bottom of any shopping list when cash is tight and moods are sour. The truth, as it so often does, probably lies somewhere in between.


In this, the second DESTINY Wealth Report, we’ve again embarked on a mission to uncover the richest women in South Africa. While last year we restricted ourselves to “new money”, this year we’ve widened our search to include “old money” too. This sees businesswoman Wendy Appelbaum, daughter of Liberty Life founder Donald Gordon, streak to the top of the list with R2,8 billion. Irene Charnley – and her R1,5 billion net asset value – continues to lead the onslaught of entrepreneurs who’ve made their fortune since 1994. While Charnley still insists she’s no billionaire, the painstaking research undertaken by veteran journalist Deon Basson indicates

Good Schools

We hear a lot of rumblings about the s t a te of education in South Africa – for example, how the national matric pass rate for 2007 was a lowly 65,2% – 1,4% below that of 2006. How we desperately need to push maths and science at school level. How good teachers are hard to come by, and even harder to retain. And how violence is a new and disturbing trend in our country’s schools.

SA film Material moves UK audiences to...

Test screenings of SA film Material, about a young Muslim man's dream to make it big on the Johannesburg comedy circuit, has captivated viewers in the UK.

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