Love Notes: Dating after divorce

It’s important to take time for self-reflection after your marriage ends (before you start dating) and to go slowly when introducing your kids to a new man.

Spirit Notes: The case for criticism

When you ask for an honest opinion, beware: you might just get it. Yet once you've soothed your wounded ego, you may find that beneath hurtful criticism lies valuable advice.

Lifestyle: Bouncing back

How do you break free and bounce back when faced with challenges that demand fundamental changes? Kedibone R Mooi, an executive coach, author and leadership practitioner form K-wave Consulting shares her tips.

Self-awareness: the key to being a great...

In their book "Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck" (Harvard Business Review Press) authors – Anthony K Tjan, Richard J Harrington and Tsun-Yan – identify the most important leadership quality, one they say all great leaders possess: self-awareness.

Wisdom of the elders

Without a need for hype or buzzwords, former First Lady Graca Machel spells out the ‘Leaning In’ principles she believes every African women should embrace.

Decor: Sky garden

Taryn Jacobson, owner of Living Room in Johannesburg's Maboneng Precinct, has created a lush sanctuary in the concrete jungle.

Entrepreneur: Ntsoaki Phali

Ntsoaki Phali founded Beyond Ability Talent Solutions in 2009, after realising that her passion lay in creating a different future for her descendants.

Beautiful Bride: Full bloom

Two innovative florists share their tips and trends.

Health: The skinny on diets

Underweight? Find out how to gain kilos safely here.

Money: Bucks for beauty

Can looks affect your salary? Research reveals that your appearance may come into play when it comes to pay packages. We investigate this in the August issue of DESTINY. Read our online bonus here to find out how to draw up a fair remuneration strategy based on a solid business philosophy instead of on appearance.

Love notes: All things equal

With the prevalence of two-income households, couples are renegotiating their gender roles. While in some homes tradition prevails, a new egalitarian norm is emerging – but it's not without challenges.

Powerhouse Q&A: Nicholas Maweni

Destiny Man July-August Powerhouse Nicholas Maweni, the Black Management Forum's Managing Director, shares thoughts on a range of subjects that affect South Africa.

Cover Star: Given Mkhari

Given Mkhari's business journey over the past few years has been a bag of mixed fortunes, but with the launch of Power 98.9 FM, he has many reasons to smile.

Young and Powerful: Ad creatives under 35

The I See a Different You trio used photography and social media to build their brand. We discuss ways to use social media to grow your brand.

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