How to choose the perfect present for...

Here’s a tip: It’s NOT a bag of tea

Should you name your car?

Naming your car is one of those questionable actions that could see you being respected or ridiculed

4×4 adventure trails in africa

Instead of exploring the city jungle in your 4x4, why don’t you head out for some real adventure on these challenging trails

Relationship rescue

Even though you feel like the magic is fading, you still want to make your relationship work. But before attempting to deal with your problems, consider whether your relationship is worth saving

Men in wine

From soil and propagation through to harvesting, crushing, pressing, racking, fermentation, aging and blending, winemaking is a delicate combination of art and science. Four men who inhabit different areas in the world of wine share their experiences with

Toxic love

Many women are stuck in relationships that are not only unsatisfying, but actually destructive to both partners. Why do they stay and how can they break away from a loveless life?

Kid’s party places

Planning a party for your little one and unsure where to host the event? Consider these creative party venues for toddlers, kids or teenagers

Living single

Being an independent woman may have become more socially acceptable, but many still feel the pressure find a man. If you’re living single, use these tips to enjoy the ride

Plasma vs lcd – the great debate

This has to be one of the most hotly contested competitions of the technological era

Top ten most fuel-efficient cars

The petrol price and exorbitant car prices both contributed to reduced luxury car sales. People are now looking for smaller, more wallet-friendly vehicles. Here are the top ten most fuel-efficient cars and their claimed combined fuel economy figures

Falling for fairytales

In a world bombarded by fairytales, movies, TV and romance novels, we often fall prey to media-manufactured ideas of “happily ever after”. DESTINYCONNECT examines how to release the fantasy and embrace the imperfect yet rewarding realities of love 

Top hotel restaurants

If an extended stay at one of South Africa’s top hotels is beyond your reach, indulge in a meal at one of their quality restaurants instead. We have a few five-star suggestions

Top 10 sa sports bars

Instead of sitting at home and watching the game tonight, why not head out and tackle some of the hottest sports bars in the country?

Top 10 places to meet women

Are you tired of waiting for Ms Right to find you? Maybe it’s time that you go and find her instead. Here are the top 10 places to meet women

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