How to manage your work time effectively

We save it, borrow it, waste it, while it away and even race against it. Sometimes, we have too much, but more often than not, we have none at all. Isn't it about time you learn how to manage your time?

Top 3 celeb hang-outs in sa

With cocktails, ambiance and hype this big, it’s no wonder celebs hang out at these top spots.


Tennis coach John Lafnie talks to about the future of tennis in South Africa and makes a few suggestions for those thinking of taking up the sport and emulating SA legend Wayne Ferreira.

Investment account vs savings account

While investment accounts sound riskier than a simple savings account, it serves the same purpose - to protect investors' capital and generate an income. The difference between the two is not the risk, but how they generate income.

5-minute mentor

Want to know what it takes to be an effective board member? Our experts share their knowledge…

Sir richard branson

The name “Richard Branson” is synonymous with big ideas, big money and the green revolution, and his mammoth Virgin Atlantic airline is just the tip of the iceberg. We meet the maverick with the mostest…

Top 10 new medical advances

Medical technology grows at an incredible pace and each year there are a flurry of new inventions to help us live longer and recover from illness quicker. Here are the top ten medical advances of the last year.

Finding the correct shoe for an outfit

Given the chance, you'd probably wear the same shoes to a formal occasion as to a relaxed braai, wouldn't you? To take the schlep out of choosing shoes to wear, here's a quick guide to matching your shoes to your outfits.


American soccer club Real Salt Lake won their first Major League Soccer Cup when they downed Los Angeles Galaxy 5-4 in a penalty shootout after the sides were deadlocked at 1-all after extra-time.

Marketing your new business

Just because the economy is taking a beating, doesn't mean you can slack off when it comes to marketing - now is the time to get people talking about your business

Having the last laugh

Everyone’s a comedian… but some are better than others. We speak to four of SA’s funniest men about being paid with food, sitting in a train for 52 hours and being sued by the President…

10 most expensive celebrity divorces

Divorces are one of the staples of Hollywood life. Stars get married and, just as quickly, get divorced - sometimes at a huge cost to the husband, except, of course, in the case of Madonna

Top camping spots in sa

With as much natural wildlife as South Africa offers, it's no wonder camping is a favourite among holiday makers. If open fires, the great outdoors and roughing it in the wild are how you take a load off, try these three camping spots

Buying secondhand gadgets

When times are pinching, secondhand gadgets start to look very tempting. Here's what to look out for when shopping for previously used goods

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