Choosing the right pair of jeans

Buying jeans is not as simple as grabbing the nearest pair in your size – there’s a distinct process involved

Top ten male fashion accessories

It’s all very well dressing trendy and knowing your denim from your pleated chinos – but for a real edge, you need to accessorise!



Should you name your car?

Naming your car is one of those questionable actions that could see you being respected or ridiculed

4×4 adventure trails in africa

Instead of exploring the city jungle in your 4x4, why don’t you head out for some real adventure on these challenging trails

Plasma vs lcd – the great debate

This has to be one of the most hotly contested competitions of the technological era

Top ten most fuel-efficient cars

The petrol price and exorbitant car prices both contributed to reduced luxury car sales. People are now looking for smaller, more wallet-friendly vehicles. Here are the top ten most fuel-efficient cars and their claimed combined fuel economy figures

Blushing beauty

Blush is an essential item in every make-up bag, but finding the right formulation can be a confusing and costly waltz down the cosmetic isle. We make it easy to findi the right blusher for your needs

Top 10 sa sports bars

Instead of sitting at home and watching the game tonight, why not head out and tackle some of the hottest sports bars in the country?

high brow – the art of perfectly...

Great eyebrows frame the your face, brighten your eyes and can even make you look younger. These great tips will help tame the wildest brows

Top tips for taming unruly tresses

Our hair should come with a “handle with care” label attached! Treat your tresses with care with these tips

Hair trends – the headband

Great hair accessories can instantly transform an ordinary hairstyle into one with style and class

Camouflaged beauty

The right concealer can hide a multitude of imperfections, from dark circles under your eyes to blemishes, pigmentation marks and freckles. Even if you don’t wear any other make-up, a concealer is an essential part of your beauty arsenal

Top 10 style investments

There are a few things no man should be without – check our list to see if you have everything you need to be stylish

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