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Balancing sleep and screen time

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You’re probably asking yourself what day it is. Time as we know it has broken down and normal life has ceased. Here’s how to re-balance yourself for optimum wellness.

Some people are working from home, while other’s whose jobs don’t allow that are staring into space, juggling bored children or watching an inordinate amount of TV. Everyone’s anxiety levels have skyrocketed due to the uncertainty surrounding us.

You might be tempted to skimp on sleep because you have nowhere to go during the day and you’re compulsively watching movies. But sleep is vital, for many reasons. “Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety,” says the American National Lung, Heart & Blood Institute.

You don’t have to cut out screen time. According to Jaco Joubert, SKYWORTH Brand Manager, it’s about implementing balance to ensure you get what your body needs to function properly. Here are his recommendations to get both screen time and shut-eye in the correct proportions:

Take a break: Get out of the “auto-play loop”, where you simply watch episode after episode of a series because that takes less effort than stopping the playback. Netflix and other streaming services’ setting menus give you the option to turn auto-play off. The idea is that manually loading the next episode can prevent you from having your eyes glued to the screen mindlessly. However, it’s still easy for you to click through the episodes.

Set episode limits: Don’t start the first episode of a new series you’ve been dying to watch and then carry on watching the others all night. Decide how many episodes you’ll watch before bedtime and stick to that limit, regardless of how exciting the series are. If you’re having trouble with this, you may need to trick yourself. Try downloading episodes onto your phone. Netflix, Showmax and other streaming applications support offline downloads for several shows, meaning you can pre-load all the shows you’ve decided to watch in advance.

Avoid using your phone in bed: It’s understandable; few places provide a comfier binge-watching setting than your bed. But, again, that makes it irresistibly easy to simply keep watching, bowls of crisps at your side, as the hours tick by. Using screens in bed can keep your mind active longer than is healthy, so keep gadgets away from your bedroom. Another problem with phones is that their glowing displays strain your eyes. Solve both problems by restricting movies and series to a proper TV set – preferably in the lounge.

Control the light: Bright blue light, like the wavelengths emanating from your screen, will keep you alert and suppress the chemicals which are meant to help you fall asleep. To ensure you can drop off when you want to, stop binge-watching about half an hour before your desired bedtime. Over time, the blue light emitted from screens can also cause eye problems such as retinal injury, myopia and cataracts. SKYWORTH’s S9A Oled TV is easy on the eyes. It doesn’t need backlight, thereby minimising the harm of blue light and making it the best choice for your family, especially kids. The eye protection mode of an ordinary LCD TV comes at the expense of picture quality. The colour’s too warm and yellow, and it can’t adequately reduce harmful blue-light effects.

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