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The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro – The Premium Smartphone With An Extraordinary Design

With the evolution of smartphones over the years, users have started to pay more attention to the look and feel of the phones they carry. Even with the best technologies, users want their phones to look good in their hands. Representing a major step forward in smartphone aesthetics, the new HUAWEI Mate50 Pro features the symmetrical Space Ring Design and an eye-catching Clous de Paris step-patterned embossing design, which creates an intricate texture.

The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro conveys the inclusive technological futurism of our current era. Equipped with industry-leading technology, the series wraps everything within a thin body offering a sleek and seamless look to all its users.

Exceptional symmetrical aesthetics

Symmetry is said to be key in design as it provides a balanced and neat look. However, it can be difficult to achieve perfect symmetry when it comes to smartphones, as they also need to be able to pack in all essential hardware. On this front, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro has once again broken new ground in smartphone design. Based on an iconic symmetry and Space Ring design, the phone’s streamlined camera modules keep the phone light without compromising imaging quality.

A unique design with effortless elegance

Looking to add a touch of elegance to the slim body of the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro, the design teams at HUAWEI reproduced the Clous de Paris design onto its body. As a time-honoured embossing process that originated in France, this design pattern was previously found on luxurious wristwatches, jewellery and other accessories.

The multi-layered camera module of the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro consists of lenses, decorative rings and a bottom crater. These components are meticulously processed on a whole piece of aluminium alloy material through computer numerical control (CNC) and fine engravings. This allows the series to maintain an intact cohesive structure and avoid scratching the surrounding components.

Natural colourways suited for the consumer’s lifestyle

The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro features beautiful natural colourways that will suit the look and vibe of daily life.

The phone comes in two different material types, glass and vegan leather. The glass cover is available in two colours, Silver and Black, which gives a distinct and elegant finish. The vegan leather version comes in a stunning Orange and is inspired by the radiant orange sun rays.

Resistant under various conditions

The powerful HUAWEI Kunlun Glass keeps the screen out of harm’s way, as demonstrated by the first-ever five-star glass drop resistance certification from Switzerland’s SGS. The overall drop resistance is boosted 10 times, protecting your screen from unwanted breakages and cracks.

Several friends of the Brand have tried to push the HUAWEI Kunlun Glass to its limits. Watch here to see how singer, actress and model, Nandi Madida, puts the smartphone to the test.

Amid his busy day between filming, editing, acting, Thapelo Mokoena showcases the reality of how easy it is to mistakenly drop a phone. This is why you should consider a glass, with ultra-strong material, such as the HUAWEI Kunlun Glass, which protects your screen, no matter what life may throw at it.

If you love adventure, the HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro is built to handle whatever life throws at you. Whether its dust from quad biking or hiking, splashes of water from river rafting, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro has you covered, with IP68-rated splash, water and dust resistance. The orange vegan leather model has up to an incredible 6 meters of water resistance.

In a recent post, actress Jessica Nkosi, confirms that: “as dazzling and delicate as the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro might be, it is equally as robust … and designed to thrive even in the toughest environments.”

You too can test the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro for yourself. Upgrade your smartphone today, by purchasing the beautifully designed HUAWEI Mate50 Pro from selected retail stores or from the HUAWEI online store., priced from R24 999 for the 256 GB and R26 999 for the 512 GB, you too can be on trend and enjoy the features that fit perfectly into your lifestyle.