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Drinking even one drink a day can shrink your brain

Few  things match the pleasure of watching a gorgeous sunset from a rooftop while sipping on a cold drink. Many of us can agree that a toast just feels better with a glass of bubbly. In today’s society alcohol has a place in our lives, from celebrations to commiseration’s. From first dates to anniversaries. However, a new study has warned that  having even one drink a day can shrink…
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Meet Arese Ugwu: Getting women focused on financial literacy 

Society needs to focus more on talking to women in a manner that will resonate with them. In doing so, they will take it to heart and make the…

Questions to ask during an interview

We often think a job interview is a one-way street. Sure, things are tough and those of us looking for work would love to get a brand new job.
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Women Owned Businesses To Support This Women’s Month

March is International Women’s Month.  Instead of posting memes and sending words or encouragement,  this year we are putting our money where…


Editor & Publisher’s Note

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Seeking New Stories

Fikile Cawe is one of our loyal readers and he sends me a letter after every issue. I replied to his…
Publisher & Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Let's Meet Up

DESTINY is slowly but surely making inroads into the hearts and minds of people again. This is…
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The Keeper of Fishermen Tales

When it comes to collecting the stories and rich history of Kalk Bay and its fisherpeople, Traci Kwaai aims to tell the real story of this seaside town and ensure their children become custodians of the ocean.  By: Lauren Manuel “I’d like to tell the story of the fisher child. We’re all the children of fishermen here. It’s why Kalk Bay exists. There’s only a harbour because there’s a…
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