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Powerhouse: Advocate Natachia Moorgas

Meet our Mar/Apr Powerhouse, Advocate Natachia Moorgas, who is an energy expert with extensive experience in corporate legal disciplines, who’s also General Manager: Legal & Governance and Executive Director of Total SA. On page 94 #InThisIssue, she talks about the trajectory of her career, juggling the demands of single motherhood, and life in between. “It’s beneficial to have…
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Editor & Publisher’s Note

BusinessCOVID-19From the desk of

Publisher's Perspective: Resuming life & business during COVID-19

As SA and the rest of the world continue to battle an unpredictable, invisible enemy and the…
Editor's NoteFrom the desk of

Editor's Note

The older I get, the more I realise how small the world is. The big cities in which we choose to…


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