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Nungu Diamonds goes virtual

Even if the lockdown’s lifted tomorrow, the way we do things will be the same. The global pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives. In an attempt to curb the spread of the virus, the South African government’s implemented a lockdown which has hit both customers and businesses with tremendous impact.

Instead of sitting back and lamenting, though, Nungu Diamonds decided to implement a new strategy: virtual consultations.

“We’ve learnt that a business should never limit itself to one way of selling. Technology connects the world and the people in it today more than ever before and we ought to take advantage of this to reach more people (with or without COVID-19). Our virtual consultation feature enables us to do just that,” explains Ursula Pule, creative director of the company.

Weddings have been among the activities forced onto the back-burner as large gatherings are banned. As the days bleed into each other and time loses all meaning, it’s difficult to believe that this, too, shall pass. But it will – and when it does, businesses need to be prepared. Virtual consultations allow consumers to chat to reputable consultants about what would be suitable for their needs.

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“Through these consultations, clients learn about diamonds (much as they would during a physical consultation). Through video presentations, they’re shown different diamond options along with gold tones (white, yellow or rose), or platinum – whatever best complements their diamond choice. All of this is tailored to suit their budget,” says Pule.

Part of the allure of getting a ring made for your and your partner’s big day is having something that specifically suits your individual personalities. A lot goes into getting a bespoke ring. Nungu Diamonds ensures that even without a physical store visit, clients have enough information to make the right decision.

“Once the look of the ring/jewellery piece is agreed upon, we prepare a computer-assisted drawing of the final design for the client’s consideration. After this process, we make any necessary adjustments and go into production (at present, only once the lockdown has been lifted),” explains Pule explains.

“The client is completely responsible for deciding on the final design, which forms a major part of our Nungu Diamonds experience: bespoke.”

Having a wedding or engagement to look forward to can take the edge off these insecure, anxious times. If you and your partner are wanting to make things official after the lockdown, email:

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