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Leadership Through Crisis

Leadership Crisis
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No one could have predicted the toll the Covid-19 pandemic would have on the way the world works. While things are slowly returning to “normal” and scientists predict the pandemic could fade in 2022, knowing how to lead through a crisis is a great skill to have.

Here are key insights those in managerial positions need to know about leading through a crisis.

Tap into soft skills

At the start of the pandemic. Harvard Business School surveyed 600 CEOs. One of the findings was the importance of empathy.

The report found that empathy is “always an important leadership skill, but this empathy is dramatically heightened during a crisis that is impacting everyone personally and professionally,” it found.

This does not mean you have to be best friends with your staff; however, being sensitive to the fears your employers have is vital during a time of great change.


Good communication is always a good idea; however, it becomes vital during times of great change. disastrous times. “The higher up you are in an organization, the more you are expected to stay on top of the situation, understand and manage ambiguity, communicate facts, and discuss implications” notes Isa Global.

Be flexible 

Being flexible is likely to improve worker retention as it increases job satisfaction.

“Flexibility in the workplace is super important for employee well-being and office workflows in equal measure. For far too long employees have been treated like robots and stripped of their individuality and personal needs or obligations,” notes RingCentral. This is more important when things go topsy-turvy. Staff members will appreciate being able to work remotely, access increased leave time and flexible arrival and departure times.



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