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Amazing gift ideas for the love of your life this Valentines

Show the love of your life that you love them with these amazing gifts. And ladies, the men in your life deserve to be spoiled too.  Unless you are still in school, your partner might be looking forward to more than plastic flowers and a teddy bear in a mug this Valentine’s Day. Instead of rushing to the garage on the day, make an effort and do something thoughtful for your lover.

Ditch the roses

If you still want to do something traditional and send your lover some flowers, ditch the rose, which is expected, and organize a custom arrangement with a florist. While the red rose does symbolize love, there are other kinds of flowers that can show your undying affection. Consider camellias, which symbolize “adoration, love, passion and desire, peonies, which stand for Romance, a happy marriage, good fortune. If you are in the early stages of your relationship the bird of paradise is perfect to show your special person that you are committed to being faithful to them, or primroses to show your devotion and everlasting love.  

Massage or spa voucher

Life can get hectic very quickly. If you are not big on massages, buy your lover a voucher to use when things get very overwhelming. The best part about a voucher is that it is not time-bound. If you get one from a franchise, you can use it anywhere in the country, provided that franchise exists. Spa days don’t have to be very fancy or expensive. If your budget is a little tight this year, a visit to a discount website such as Hyperli will be your saving grace. You can choose from a simple back massage to an entire full-day package.

Defensive driving lessons

You might have a partner who is not into chocolates or vouchers. A defensive driving class is a perfect gift for the speed freak in your life. Not only does this give your partner amazing skills to survive on South Africa’s dangerous roads, it’s also fun. It will give your lover a chance to feel the adrenaline of pretending to be Lewis Hamilton for a few hours. You can book different lessons depending on what lesson your partner needs. From advanced driving courses for those looking to take their driving to the next level, to high-performance driving in supercars for those looking for an adrenaline rush.

Cooking lessons

If you would like to do something together that will benefit both of you, cooking lessons are the perfect date. Instead of going to a restaurant, why don’t you pick up a new skill while enjoying a delicious meal? There are many different classes, perhaps think about your partner’s favourite style of food and book

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