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Masturbation: A Helping Hand

Sex Article Image - A Helping Hand

When it comes to sexual development, masturbation is not only helpful, but absolutely normal – and fun!

One of the biggest sexual taboos, regardless of age, gender, religion or even relationship status, is the issue of masturbation. Most people masturbate, even if they never talk about it. Masturbation is common for people of both genders and all sexual orientations.

Women’s shyness and embarrassment about admitting this indicates the way socialisation has influenced sexual expression. Most men, however, blithely acknowledge that they masturbate and seldom regard the enjoyment they get from this as a reflection of their sexual stamina or their worth as men. Women, by contrast, frequently guilty and ashamed of exploring masturbation and fear that they’re somehow detracting from a male partner’s pleasure by doing so.

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