A Celebration in Season!

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with scrumptious delights that are easy to make and complement a great table setting for friends and family?

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Precious Thamaga-Mazibuko

DESTINY magazine is published by The Bar Group – an organisation of the future which produces content that shifts the needle, one production piece at a time.

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Editor’s Note – 06-01-2020

In October 2015, I met Precious Thamaga- Mazibuko at the media launch for legendary fashion icon Carolina Herrera’s visit to South Africa. She’d curated the occasion and I…

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On To The Next Decade

It is an incredible feeling to start 2020 on the back of the amazing launches of Destiny and Destiny Man. We are overwhelmed by the wonderful support and reception from you, our…

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Most South African women want to become entrepreneurs

Compared with their counterparts in France, the UK, Japan and Hong Kong, South African women have a stronger entrepreneurial spirit

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After months of being continually on the go, the year’s finally winding down – time to reward yourself for your hard work. Rest and relaxation are an integral part of well-being,…

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Masturbation: A Helping Hand

When it comes to sexual development, masturbation is not only helpful, but absolutely normal – and fun!

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The Voice of Style

American fashion designer Rachel Zoe says style is a way of expressing who you are without having to speak. Four leaders in telecommunications at Vodacom tell us how their…

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Turning Up the Heat

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Body Bliss

From pigmentation to scarring, dry skin to cellulite, our bodies continuously suffer as a result of the stress. This combination of classic essentials and new launches will give…

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