The Masterclass: Precious Thamaga Mazibuko

Precious Thamaga Mazibuko advises on being creative about acquiring the skills and information you need, when trying to set foot in a competitive industry and no one is willing or…

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For the NUXE obsessed – or newly converted

In the space of almost 30 years, NUXE, a pioneering French brand in natural cosmetology founded by Aliza Jabès, has established itself as a benchmark in a sector that it has…

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Savita Mbuli – She covers our March/April Issue

Strength & Light is the networking queen, Savita Mbuli. She covers our March/April issue, on shelves today!

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Publisher’s Note

During one of her performances in Paris, when a rowdy table of tipsy audience members were cat-calling her, thumping their glasses on the table and yelling at her to “give us some…

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Butterfly Twists Competition

Never stick, twist. It’s Leap Year and we are celebrating fearless women who never conform. A Butterfly Twists woman is bold, moves with purpose and is always positive.

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WIN 6 Technology Facials

WIN a @thelaserbeautique laserbeautique 6-monthly Technology Facial based on your individual skin concern!! Your skin is a powerful protective barrier, which protects all that’s…

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FREDDY Jeans Competition

WR.UP® is the technology patented by FREDDY consisting in a unique mix of seams, Italian design and ultra-slim silicone to naturally enhance and shape the curves around the…

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The Masterclass: Amanda Dambuza

Watch: Amanda Dambuza talks about the importance of embracing change and being able to detect when change is necessary.

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A Celebration in Season!

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with scrumptious delights that are easy to make and complement a great table setting for friends and family?

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Precious Thamaga-Mazibuko

DESTINY magazine is published by The Bar Group – an organisation of the future which produces content that shifts the needle, one production piece at a time.

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