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Three ways to supplement your income (and stave off boredom) during the COVID-19 pandemic

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From big business to SMMEs, everyone’s feeling the pinch. While most, if not all, businesses will lose out on revenue, there are ways to get creative about earning money during this time. Here are three of them


  1. TEACH

Teaching, like most acts of service, requires passion, knowledge of the subject matter (at least of it) and a lot of patience. If you work in the field you studied, or if you’re still studying, becoming online tutoring is a great way to earn money while brushing up your skills and knowledge. A number of existing online platforms allow for this, such as Turtle Jar. Apart from handling all the admin, including contracts, this app schedules payments, making it easier for you to focus on the teaching. It’s a life-saver for parents, guardians and kids alike who’re in desperate need of help with online schooling systems that may not be sufficient.


  1. SELL

This is the best time to fully explore how the Internet can help you earn money. There are a variety of ways to set up a storefront online, but going the route of a familiar (and secure!) site is your quickest and safest bet. For the most part, Quicket is known as a ticketing platform, but it offers much more than just tickets to the latest (now streaming) events. You can list your merchandise for sale on its website using the same convenient method you would to list an event. Small businesses can sell “pay-it-forward” vouchers on the platform too during the lockdown, which their loyal customers can redeem after the lockdown. Churches can set up collection pages to help them stay afloat. If you’re more interested in running a service like a livestream, lesson, webinar or workshop, you’re now also able to protect access to your content or service by ticketing it.. Simply list your event and add your streaming link (YouTube, Zoom or any other link). The platform will then restrict access to your stream to ticket-holders. You can easily get started by signing up here.



Sounds weird, right? However, it’s easier than you think. If you aren’t creatively inclined and are battling without the structured office hours of the bricks-and-mortar environment in which your working hours are set, then a part-time job may be ideal for you. There are many options to choose from, including work-from-home customer service positions, or even remote IT positions. Sites like No Sweat Work are great because they’re reliable, secure and even help with your taxes! Signing up is free and you can apply for jobs that suit your abilities. Whether you’re an animator, accountant or account manager, there are numerous opportunities available.



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