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When Fashion Meets Technology

Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi with her her latest favourite accessory – The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

She is the person who tested the notion of conventional beauty, a woman on a mission to break down stereotypes and challenge the norm. There is no doubt that Zozibini Tunzi, the Miss South Africa who became a Miss Universe deserves the crowns she wears so elegantly.

Of course, it’s Zozibini’s inner beauty that’s her real power and she definitely knows how to use the digital world in a whole new way. So we decided to speak to her about her latest favourite accessory – The Galaxy Z Flip.

What innovation caught your attention with the Galaxy Z Flip?

The fact that a screen can bend still blows my mind whenever I flip my phone open and back to close. I never get used to it because we all grew up thinking glass couldn’t be folded. Not anymore. I am fascinated with the concept of doing things differently, going against the grain and achieving what is thought to be impossible.  I’m all about breaking barriers and this device does that stylishly – with a simple fold. That’s impressive. It can also stay open at a range of angles, like a laptop screen. I can create content for my social media feeds from the best angle, hands-free – no tripod needed. And the video recording capabilities are perfect for uploads to my social media platforms.

Can technology be considered fashion?

Absolutely! I can’t tell you how many times people have come closer to inspect what cool gadget this is when I pull it out of my purse. We live in a world that embraces self-expression and that’s why the Galaxy Z Flip, which is a device, unlike anything any other completes any fashion-forward look. It’s portable and folds into the size of a wallet, so I can easily fit it in my pocket or bag.  For me, it’s a stylish, compact palm-sized accessory for any occasion. And with its chic colour palette and sleek rounded corners, the Galaxy Z Flip makes a statement without even trying.

The emergence of Zozibini Tunzi recently as Miss Universe seems far from a coincidence. She is using her platform to support leadership and education and break down barriers. It’s therefore amazing that she can use the power of technology to change the world and inspire us to do the same.