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Welcome to Imbewu StokVest

Seasoned actor and businessman, Thapelo Mokoena

Many livelihoods have been threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic, employers and employees have to tap into other resources in order to secure their financial well-being; and things like good old fashion stokvels have always worked well in the past. First introduced to consumers at a virtual launch on 20 August 2020, IMBEWU StokVest is the modern-day version of a stokvel where social distancing meets technology to help solve consumer’s financial needs.

Powered by Kunene Makopo Risk Solutions (KMRS), IMBEWU StokVest is a product that vouches for clients to accomplish their aspirations by making monthly contributions. Clients from 18 years and older get to interact with the status and progress of their offerings at the touch of a button.

“The product carries hopes and dreams of both the old and younger generations. While it retains the old tradition of stokvels; it also allows for the younger population to save money without taking themselves seriously.” said KMRS Spokesperson, Bangi Makopo

KMRS representative, Bangi Makopo

 Hosted by seasoned actor and businessman, Thapelo Mokoena, the virtual launch saw a panel discussion between award-winning actor Presley Chweneyagae, winner of Best Actor at the 2020 SAFTA’s, Roberto Kyle, medical doctor & cooking enthusiast Dr Philile Mdletshe and KMRS representative Bangi Makopo to mention but a few. The panellists shared insights on the impact felt by the entertainment industry and how their finances have been affected by the pandemic and why products such as IMBEWU StokVest are necessary especially in times of crisis.

“Being in the entertainment industry can be very frustrating where finances are concerned,  we are always looking for innovative ways to supplement and sustain our income so it is exciting to see a product such as IMBEWU StokVest  to provide solutions which seek to secure our financial growth” stated Presley Chweneyagae.

Makopo said that consumers are always looking for products that are trustworthy and reliable which is exactly what IMBEWU StokVest provides them with; the security in knowing that the future is accounted for.

After 24 months each member will receive a payout calculated according to their specific plan. This is the same principle of any stokvel, the advantage with IMBEWU StokVest is that clients have full control of their earnings throughout the year.

Consumers can download the app and create a financially friendly future for themselves directly from the Imbewu StokVest website.

 There are three options towards the contributions that consumers are able to choose from:

Plan A: R185 with yearly payout of R1080

Plan B: R550 with yearly payout of R4560

Plan C: R1 250 with yearly payout of R11 430

 *All options are underpinned by a funeral cover

How IMBEWU StokVest works:

Step 1

Step 2

  • Clients sign-up on the app.

Step 3

  • Members then add their details.

Step 4

  • The membership will be active.
  • Members get to choose plan option.


Member Benefits:

  • Clients get to nominate their annual date to receive payment.
  • Stokvest payments are made directly to the member’s account.


Added Value Product:

  • Members will receive an interest (return of investment) as a bonus after 24 months of policy payments within 24 months.


For more information visit the kunenemakopo.com website and follow financial conversations on the IMBEWU StokVest Facebook and Twitter (add handles) pages.


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