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Allow Yourself To Fail

Perfectionism is one of the greatest barriers to greatness. Here is how you can overcome it.

It took Thomas Edison 1 000 tries to perfect incandescent light bulb and Dyson tried 5 127 times over fifteen years to perfect
the vacuum cleaner. Surprised? Many successful people only showcase the highlight reel of their
lives. Not many are open to talking about the number of times they tried something new and failed
spectacularly at it.

Thus, the dominant idea of success is that of a relatively smooth road. The fear  of failing can be a
hinderance to personal growth. Self-perseveration leads to maintaining the status quo rather than
venturing out and trying something new. If you don’t fail however, you never learn, grow,
or venture outside your comfort zone.

According to Forbes, “failure is a necessary steppingstone to achieving our dreams.”
It is important to allow yourself to make mistakes and fail. In fact, Steve Harvey, world famous
author, presenter and businessman, noted that each failure taught him a great

“I have failed, far more times than I have succeeded. You will never succeed more than you fail, that
is not how this works. Because failure is a wonderful teacher, it is a wonderful way to learn,” he said
in a speech. Harvey added that failure is a big part of success.

Taking a chance on yourself does not have to be a risky enterprise. It all comes own to trusting yourself and listening to your intuition.

So, whatever you are thinking of doing. Start. Remember that all babies fall numerous times
before they are able to walk. You are now an adult who can run, skip, and walk, all because you
were willing to get up and keep trying when you were younger.

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