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FYN dining during lockdown

FYN from Home_FYN Experience menu

We’re finally at Level 4 of the lockdown and food deliveries are now permitted. Home cooks can breathe a collective sigh relief. Almost everyone’s been fantasising about finally being able to order take-out. The time has come! If you’ve been missing going to your favourite fine-dining restaurant, FYN has just the thing to soothe your woes.

“Foodies confined to their homes in need of culinary inspiration and a break from the monotony of daily cooking duties can now expect the same FYN feeling and flavour via the clever menu options that Tempelhoff and team have designed. It’s also an opportunity to support beloved restaurant kitchens until their doors open again,” says the establishment.

FYN is offering a tantalising range of fusion Asian-local cuisine food. The carefully curated menu will give you a chance to enjoy excellent meals in the comfort of your own home.

“Having carved a niche for itself in the fine-dining-without-pretensions space, FYN has offered diners an unparalleled Japanese-South African food experience since 2018. Now the team are once again channelling Tempelhoff’s breadth of experience as a chef, the acumen of GM Jennifer Hugé and the talent of Ashley Moss with the FYN from HOME delivery service.”

 Delivery menu options:

1) A five-course Experience menu (R595, including delivery) comprising inventive dishes such as tuna tataki, seaweed rice salad, spicy chirizu sauce and seared salmon trout, braised leeks, blue Pacific prawns and fish bone cream.

2) A Family menu (R295, including delivery) for sharing around the kitchen table … dip country bread and fynbos butter into mouthwatering truffle jus, followed by free-range Boran beef Wellington with roast carrots and shallots (all you have to do is turn the oven on). Round it off with a delectable chocolate and hazelnut brownie, raspberries and yuzu crème fraîche.

For menu updates and information, visit FYN on Instagram: @FYNfromHOME


  • To place your order, tel: 021 286 2736, WhatsApp 071 559 0304 or email: orders@fynrestaurant.com
  • Only credit card payments are accepted on delivery.
  • Diners within 15km of the restaurant can choose from either of the set menus described above. These payments must be done via Yoco or EFTs via email.
  • A delivery surcharge (depending on the area) will be charged for longer journeys.
  • Orders close at 5pm for next-day deliveries.
  • Delivery dates and times: Monday-Saturday 12-7pm. Pre-booked delivery times are essential.
  • Please alert us to any dietary requirements when placing an order.

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