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Beat the End of Year Slump

Burnout - Tired freelancer sleeping on her deak
Tired freelancer sleeping on her deak

It’s that time of the year again. Energy is low and motivation is lagging. Here is how you can
beat the dreaded end-of-year slump.

Many of us have been working from home for almost two years. The pressure of surviving a global
pandemic has made the usual end-of-year exhaustion more difficult to endure. While it may
seem like you are trying to swim through a pool full of glue, there are a few things you can
do to ensure that you finish this year on a strong note.

Siphokazi Mbili, Life and Executive Coach says there are effective ways to deal with the struggle of getting
things done when you feel as though things are overwhelming.

The feeling of having too many things on your plate can be overwhelming. This can lead to performance
paralysis. Mbili says getting organised  will give you a clear and realistic
picture of what can achieve. “Sometimes we try and push everything at once,” she explains.

Don’t procrastinate
“A lack of motivation is a common trait in those suffering from of the end of your slump because you
don’t have a clear picture of your why,” Mbili explains. Instead of making things better for yourself,
procrastination often leads to more stress as things keep piling up around you. Once you have
prioritized the things you need to do, actually doing the work will lead to less stress in the long run.
Procrastination on the other hand offers temporary relief from anxiety.

Get enough rest
It is common knowledge that the body requires a certain amount of sleep and downtime to function at
it’s peak. While there is some debate about the exact amount needed, it is important to
ensure that you are giving your body and brain a chance to recover. When you have a lot to do
taking a break can feel like a waste of time, however, not giving yourself recovery time means you
will only get slower and less efficient at the tasks you need to accomplish.

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