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The Samsung Freestyle: An All-In-One Entertainment Experience

The Freestyle
The Freestyle

The Freestyle, Samsung’s latest must-have tech is an ultraportable, smart TV projector that combines high-quality visuals and immersive audio to deliver an entirely mind-blowing entertainment experience.

This innovation’s beyond-the-ordinary capabilities give you the freedom to customise and consume content wherever, whenever and however you want. Get ready for an amazing projector that displays crystal-clear images up to about 2.5 meters in size on walls, ceilings and even floors, if that’s what you feel like doing.

The Samsung Freestyle does not require any fastening and can be adjusted to display at any angle so you enjoy the flexibility of an incredible screen anywhere anyway you like. Its cradle allows rotation of up to 180 degrees, enabling you to show high-quality video anywhere – even if you want to go gaming outdoors – no separate screen required.

Redefining Smart

The cinema-like visual and audio experience that can be held in one hand, even offers Smart TV features that are available on Samsung Smart TVs, with built-in streaming services and mirroring and casting features that are compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. The Freestyle takes what you want to do to wherever you want to do it.

The secret behind the popularity of The Freestyle, a device that is especially loved by younger generations, is that their feedback was incorporated right from The Freestyle’s product planning and early development stages.

Now, you can enjoy it as an on-the-go cinema or gaming screen – or a smart speaker that is capable of analysing music to pair it with visual effects that can be projected onto walls, floors and everywhere else. When it’s not being used to display your content, The Freestyle is also able to provide a mood lighting effect with its ambient mode and translucent lens cap.

The Answer For Those On The Move

As far as charging, The Freestyle is compatible with external batteries1 that support USB-PD and 50W/20V output or above. This allows you to take it anywhere – whether you are on the move, organising a house-party, on a camping trip or just enjoying an epic chill-out session.

The must-have Samsung Freestyle has been designed to take into account your personal tastes and preferences, and is available in a range of colour options for you to choose from. Click here to explore the device that makes you feel free to move, your way.