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The Set-Up


It’s estimated that the average person will spend 90 000 hours at work over a lifetime. Curating an office space that’s aligned with your working needs can make the time spent at your desk more productive and joyful

A Note – The curated office is the new corner office

– Forever Onke

Having a functional working environment is not only good for aesthetic reaons, but also aff ects productivity and overall well-being. According to Forbes: “Employees who enjoy and like the environments they’re a part of will be more engaged, productive, happy and healthy.” Even small changes can have considerable eff ects. No-one knows this better than beauty mogul Huda Kattan and businesswoman Victoria Beckham. Their offi ces in Dubai and London are carefully curated mixes of nostalgic artefacts, art and beauty products. Their spaces are fully functional and feature video recording studios, fully stocked clothing closets and showers. An allnighter in such a space would hardly feel like a chore! Here’s how to curate the best space for you.

Get rid of everything that has no function or meaning. If you’re reading this in your offi ce right now, a quick glance at fi les which are collecting dust, plants which died without you noticing and reports from three fi scals ago (and which you’ve still never read) must all go! Use the space they clear for what’s to come.

Pockets of pleasure: Work can be challenging. Having things that remind you of happier moments in your life can put things in perspective when you’re feeling overwhelmed. If pink is your favourite colour, having pops of it in your office space will spark joy. A piece of art, a candle or your favourite scent sprayed throughout it will automatically shift the energy.

Owning less is better than organising more

– Joshua Becker

A clothing rail: Not many people have the luxury of a walk-in closet at the office. However, a clothing rail with a few carefully chosen items can come in handy when you need to attend a last-minute event or switch up your look for an important meeting with potential investors. Instead of heading home for a quick change, you can whisk something off the rail, saving you time and stress.

Elements of nature: Several scientific studies point to the benefits of having nature in your office. These include reduced stress levels and improved well-being. Plants are beautiful, peaceful and grounding, reminding you that you’re not on a distant planet. So bring the outdoors, indoors.


A meditation zone: Take a leaf out of Kattan’s book and mark out a spot for relaxation. The beauty tycoon has a pink “thinking chair” in her office. The decadently upholstered piece is near a window. “Anytime anyone says: ‘OK, Huda, you need to go deep,’ I turn down all the shades in my office except for this window, look out at the city and reflect,” she told Allure magazine. If you don’t have enough space for a couch, a meditation corner with relaxing items such as a miniature Japanese sand garden, votive candles and a prayer mat will do the job.


Don’t be afraid to modify your space. Having an office you can adapt to your varying needs is important, as it will grow and change with you.