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Change your hair colour as often as you like

Keep things interesting this summer with the new colour-depositing mask collection from Moroccanoil

It was legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel who said: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” For those who arem’t ready to commit to a big chop, changing your hair colour can be a step in the right direction.

The new colour-depositing mask collection from Moroccanoil gives you a chance to alter your look the fun, temporary way without damaging your hair or making a long-term commitment.

As the end of year approaches, dyeing your hair can give you an emotional lift to get you I the festive spirit. The range comes in seven different shades to suit your every mood: Aquamarine, Hibiscus, Platinum, Champagne, Rose Gold, Bordeaux and Cocoa.

Dyeing your hair can be tough on the hair and can leave hair strands looking lifeless and feeling brittle.

“Colour is a very damaging process,” explains Twincare International General Manager Andrea Gavriel. “However, the new Moroccanoil range is designed to protect hair while depositing colour.


Key ingredients include ArganID, a new patented technology from Moroccanoil.  “Positively charged micro-particles are attracted to the negatively charged hair fibres, infusing argan oil into the cortex while simultaneously helping to repair and seal the hair,” explains Gavriel. The colours also include an amino acid blend and apricot kernel oil, which helps soften the hair.

“Moroccanoil is traditionally a treatment range which aims to keep your hair healthy and beautiful for as long as possible,” he says.

Going to the salon can be time-consuming and using traditional colour means living with the results for a good few months until the dye grows out. With Moroccanoil masks, it takes just five to seven minutes to dye your hair with the masks and the colour washes out in just a few weeks, depending on how porous your hair strands are. This means you can be adventurous, outrageous and imaginative with your hair colour, without the fear of having to go back to work in January with a hair shade you don’t really like.

The darker shades, Bordeaux and Cocoa, are designed specifically for virgin darker hair. If you have dark hair and want to try out the other shades, it’s recommended that you lighten your hair first.

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